Stay Connected... ALWAYS!

Have peace of mind,
even when you lose your SIM

With SIMsafe, Smart prepaid subscribers can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Replacement of the lost SIM  with the same mobile number  (Subscriber needs to buy the replacement SIM)
  • Ability to back up your contacts and download them to your new phone(Phone model dependent)
  • Disabling of lost SIM to prevent it from being used

You can now say goodbye to the annoying effort of recreating your contact directory from scratch and texting each contact to inform them of your new number.

And you can be assured that your lost SIM cannot be used by its finder.

With SIMsafe, you get to enjoy all these for a one time fee of only P30 which will cover you for 1 year, or a monthly subscription of P3/month. A really great deal for comfort and peace of mind.

SIMsafe is available to all SMART Prepaid and Talk & Text brands.

How to Avail of SIMsafe

Registration is easy. You have 2 choices. Register for 1 year for only P30 or avail of the monthly subscription for only P3/month. Just follow these simple steps.

For yearly registration:

To register, text AGREEY and send to 7467. (P30/msg) Pls. make sure you have at least P31 load on your prepaid account.

For monthly registration:

To register, text AGREEM and send to 7467. (P3/msg) Pls. make sure you have at least P4 load on your prepaid account.

To complete the registration process, just follow the succeeding text instructions to register your name, password and email. Failure to register your name, email and password may result to problems in the SIM replacement process.

Please note that all your texts during the registration process after sending AGREE, AGREEM, or AGREEY are free of charge.

To register your name:

Text NAME first name last name and send to 7467. Ex. NAME Juan dela Cruz to 7467

Please note that you need to register your name as found in your valid ID. Smart will not process replacement of SIM if the name you registered does not match the name in your valid ID.

To register your password and email:

Text PSW password email and send to 7467. Ex. PSW password

Your password is critical in the verification process once you report the loss. In the event you forget your password, a new password will be sent to your email. Without your email, verification of your account cannot be done in the event you forget your password.

Does my phone support contacts backup?

After your successful registration, the SIMsafe system will send you a text message on how to back-up your contacts. Click here to see the list of supported phones

How to Activate SMART GPRS?

Just text SET and send to 211. Wait for the instructions from SMART.

If there is no response, please go to any SMART Wireless Center and have them activate the GPRS feature of your handset.

How to report a lost SIM and claim your replacement SIM

Simply go to any SMART Wireless Center to report the lost SIM. Remember to bring a valid ID as well as the password you used to register to the service.